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Prefix, Point of Wonder!

Getting sick is naive; whether it be by Cancer, Diabetes, Blood Pressure or any disease. Diseases evolve due to a failure of the anatomy to make cells and tissues behave and work correctly to keep the body in order. If your body is put in order, it will get rid of sickness and suffering and become healthy again, no matter how complicated the disease is.
In the wild there are no monkey doctors or fish doctors nor are there tools like X-rays, CT-scans and blood testing equipment, but there are all kinds doctors in the human race. They do not need doctors because most habitats in the wild are not subjected to hybrids, pesticides or genetically engineered foods, as is the case with today’s food farmed for human consumption! Most foods in the wild remain natural (organic). Interestingly, domesticated animals (pets), like humans, have health care, hospitals and human doctors too.
Since the fifties, organ/glands failure diseases such as heart, cancer, chronic pain and other diseases have increased a thousand fold in incidence, and costs us all several arms and legs. Often I wonder and feel ashamed. Why has the cost of healthcare become uncontrollable? Wildlife is doing it right, consuming natural foods since the beginning of the universe. I find animals are smarter than us. They say you can take a horse to a river but you can’t make him drink.  Do you know why? Because the horse is not thirsty. We on the other hand, drink glass after glass of water even though we are not thirsty.
If this makes sense, please view the videos in our Media section for clarity.